Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Punch Card Sample!

My friend and fellow stamper Robin Owen has been watching my blog closely as our pool has been built! She has a pool, too, (a beautiful one, I might add!) and was interested in watching the process. She couldn't resist sending me this adorable card she made - all with punches! Isn't it precious? She says that's ME floating in my pool on a raft, drinking a margarita! Sounds good to me! Notice how Robin gave this cute little lady grey hair? That's gotta be me, then! It also looks like her arms and legs are hairy. I guess Robin knows me better than I thought! Ha!


Diane Burns said...

This card is fabulous Pam ( and Robin)!! I showed it to some girls at work, and Kiara said "Is that Penny?" I told her I thought so because you were having a pool built. Just thought that was funny because she could tell. Great card!

Mary Colemon said...

So cute, Penny! I know you're ready to enjoy that pool....along with the cool drink and the new catalogue!

Ink Bug said...

oh, you crakah me up, Penny. It was supposed to suggest a TAN not hairy-ness. lol.