Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pool Process - Step 5!

Once all the reinforced steel was in, the pool workers sprayed the gunite! That is a very loud and messy process! They put tarps up to protect my house and windows because the gunite gets on everything! It took all afternoon to spray the gunite in, and then the workers have to go around and smooth it out. You can see in some of the pictures the gunite looks bumpy, but now it's nice and smooth! They smooth it all out by hand, and they're doing an awesome job! The big shelf you see is a sun-shelf! It has a hole in it so you can place a big umbrella over you! Then you can enjoy being in the pool, but still be protected from the sun! I'll like that! There's also two little bubblers on the sun-shelf that keep the water moving and cool right there, so I know that's going to be my favorite place! Across from the sun-shelf is another little shelf that will be a small waterfall. I wanted to hear the sound of running water. Tomorrow, they'll start the stonework around the pool! It's all coming together!

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