Friday, June 4, 2010

Pool Process - Step 6!

WOO HOO! Today is my son's 17th birthday and our 22nd wedding anniversary! A BIG day for the Thomas Family! We've had a fun day together picking out the tile for our pool and watching the workers handcut the stone to go around the top of our pool! This is called the "coping." The first picture is our pool totally encased in gunite, and then Jose and his son Fernando spent the entire day cutting stone for the coping around the pool. Fernando placed the smaller boulders around where the waterfall will be and Jose cut the pieces to fit around the curves of our pool. Tomorrow they will finish the coping and build our waterfall, so that should be fun to watch! We picked out some beautiful cobalt blue tile for our pool to match the tile on our deck. The kids and I got into the pool and staked out our favorite spots and wrote on the gunite with a black Sharpie! We did this same thing when our house was being built, writing our names on the framing as the house went up! Hunter claimed his favorite spot as "Hunter's Cove" and put the date down - which is his 17th birthday! Haley claimed her favorite spot as "Haley's Garden," and I claimed my favorite spot as "Mom's Shelf." It will all eventually get covered up with plaster, but WE know it's under there!


Katherine said...

WOW! It is going up fast!! I can't wait to enjoy your backyard oasis!!

I think that is so cool you guys put name there, same with the house. What a great idea!! Your family will always be part of that house, no matter where you all are.

penguinstamper said...

Hi Katherine! You'll have to come over and enjoy the pool with me. I'm really looking forward to sitting out there and just chillaxing!