Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pool Process - Step 11!

It's getting so close, I can taste it! I'm jumping out of my skin to get our pool finished! Today the pool workers poured the concrete for the decking around the pool. Once they fill in all the spaces, they take a big spatula-looking-thing and smooth it out nice and pretty! Of course, once they were gone, me and Hunter and Haley (and Otto, too!) had to go out there and mess with it! The kids put their handprints and names into it and I just put my thumbprint in it! Of course the kids wanted Otto's paw print in it, too, but he started walking in it and got several paw prints in it! That's okay - it will all be covered up with flagstone on Monday morning! And then we can plaster! I went outside to take pictures of our handprints, but it had rained a little bit and almost completely washed away what we had done. BUMMER!

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