Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pool Process!

I know so many of you have pools, but I've never had one, so having a pool built is a BIG deal to me! From what I've heard, it's an amazing process to watch, so I'm going to document each step along the way and eventually I'll create a My Digital Studio book about our pool, which we're calling the "Thomas Pond" because it's going to be a small pool! We have a 14-foot easement starting from our fence and coming towards our house, so it really limits the size pool we can have! Oh, well, I'm just happy to have one and I'm so excited to get the whole process started! If you've never seen how a pool is built, check back regularly, and I'll document each step along the way! I'M EXCITED because it all starts tomorrow! Here are two pictures of our backyard, which has NO IDEA what's about to happen to it tomorrow! It's kind of sad, in a way, but I think we'll enjoy our backyard much more than we do now - HOPEFULLY!

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