Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pool Process - Step 7!

We're so glad that Otto has finally gotten accustomed to what's going on in HIS backyard! At least he'll sit on the deck now while Jose and Fernando work. He's been totally perplexed by all of this and wondering what's happened to HIS backyard! Jose and Fernando purchased our tiles for the pool this morning and then spent the entire day cutting rock to fit around our pool and to form the waterfall! I can't imagine how difficult it would be to work with heavy, dusty, hot stone all day in 98-degree temperatures. They did a phenomenal job. Jose would place the stone and the mortar and then Fernando would clean it up, using his hands to shape the mortar, and then cleaning the mortar with a sponge. HARD WORK! Here's our waterfall - and I can't wait to have water pouring over those rocks into the pool. I'm so excited. We wanted a small waterfall - and this one is bigger than we were thinking of - but we're happy with it in relationship to the size of the pool! The workers are taking tomorrow off (boy, they sure deserve a day off, right?) and they'll be back on Monday to place our tile around the inside of the pool! The decking around the pool begins on Monday, too, I believe - and the plumbing!

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