Monday, June 7, 2010

Pool Process - Step 8!

Not very pretty pictures today, but it's all part of the process! Bye-bye to ANY grass I had in my backyard! The workers showed up this morning and began digging trenches all over our yard to place pipe into for pool drainage. It started raining, but they kept working, and now it's a big muddy mess in our backyard! They have dug up OUR ENTIRE BACKYARD! They will finish the plumbing tomorrow. The electricians will show up tomorrow to do their thing so we can have pool lights! We'll also have super-cool controls that allow you to change the color of your water through the pool lights! That was something I begged for, especially when they told us that for July 4th, you can put red stripes through the pool! You control the water color electronically with a control panel, and that will be my new best friend! They are also supposed to put the tile around the inside of the pool tomorrow, too - something I can't wait to see! We are expecting a rainy week, though, so things may be delayed - BUMMER!


dorothy said...

can't wait for all the demo pool parties!!!!! wonder if you can get the pool colors to match SU!'s colors???!!!!!!

penguinstamper said...

Wouldn't that be cool, Dorothy? I'd pick Baja Breeze!