Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps

I have been wanting to try our Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps for the longest time, so tonight I began the process! The picture above shows the mess I made in my kitchen, but I really enjoyed using the cookie stamps! It was fun - and now I'm hooked! I'm eager to see the next set of cookie stamps Stampin' Up! will excite us with!
I used the sugar cookie recipe that comes with the cookie stamps. It's a very simple recipe and it was easy to use with the cookie stamps. Here's my raw cookie dough bunny! Can you tell my cookie sheet is dearly loved? It's been used for years.
Here are my finished flower and bunny cookies! They turned out surprisingly well and I am impressed with how they taste! There's also a shortbread recipe that comes with the cookie stamps and it is VERY good! I like being able to combine two things I love: baking and stamping! Thanks, Stampin' Up!, for bringing stamping into my kitchen! I had fun tonight and I am eager to make more stamped cookies - after all, I'm the stamp lady, so my cookies should be stamped! To order these fun cookie stamps, visit my 24/7 online store at and click on "Shop Now." You'll be stamping cookies in no time!

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Benedicte said...

Great job Penny! They look so yummy.
I made a batch yesterday myself!! I used the Shortbread recipe, but I didn't take a photo...