Thursday, March 8, 2012

Haley is 17!

When your youngest turns 17, it makes you realize that YOU'RE OLD! I can't believe Haley is 17. Seems just like six months ago that I was carrying her around constantly on my hip! I miss that and I'd give ANYTHING to have one more day just like that again! Haley has developed into an elegant and sweet young lady and I am so proud of her. Happy birthday, Haley - the world is yours! Whatever it is you want in life, GO GET IT! You deserve happiness and love and I know it's out there waiting for you! Haley wanted to spend her birthday at the Houston Zoo! She loves animals. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day on her birthday, so it was a perfect day for the zoo. She also wanted to have dinner at the Mason Jar, so we did! We had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday!


VickiM said...

Happy Birthday Haley!

Vicki M.

Anonymous said...

do you realize that i've known you since she was 7??????!!!! where have the years gone??!!!