Monday, February 21, 2011

A Promotion Celebration!

WOO HOO! I get so excited about these things! Shirley Martin, who is in my second-level downline (Kirsteen Gill's recruit), has reached her first promotion to a Senior Associate! That is AWESOME, Shirley! Congratulations to you - and you did it in a very short 4-1/2-month-period! You must be selling stamps like hotcakes, my friend! I couldn't be more happy for you! You have paved the way to start thinking about your next promotion to a Supervisor, so I'll issue you a challenge: GO FIND YOUR FIRST RECRUIT! I can tell by your enthusiasm that you will be moving upward and onward with Stampin' Up! Kirsteen and I will be cheering you on all the way! Go pop some bubbly! It's important to celebrate the good stuff in life!

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