Monday, February 28, 2011

Learning to Use the Brayer with Michelle Zindorf!

Yesterday, my stamping friend Carolyn Gray and I drove up to Spring, Texas to take a beginner brayer class with the ever-popular and talented Michelle Zindorf! To be quite honest, the brayer is NOT one of my favorite stamping tools and it's been sitting on my shelf for probably 10 years without having been used. POOR THING! Well, I was totally blown away by what Michelle taught us yesterday and now I'm a convert! I'm looking at my brayer with a little more love! We had such a great time yesterday and Michelle was a lot of fun! When she makes her way back here again, I'll have to sign up for her advanced class! Wouldn't want to miss it now!
Carolyn and I were so proud of our creations - we were just giggling the whole time! Carolyn is extremely talented, so I know she'll come up with incredible brayer creations! Thanks for spending the day with me, Carolyn, and making it all so much fun. It wouldn't have been the same without YOU!
Here's my favorite card I made using a brayer. Awwwww, this is like, "Calgon, take me away." It reminds me of those two wonderful trips to Hawaii my family has taken on Stampin' Up! I'm ready to go back again!
This card is so much prettier in person. It reminds me of the Serengeti, which is SO outside what I normally stamp! Don't you think a giraffe or some kind of wild animal should just come wandering into the picture? I can hear the Lion King theme song in my head as I look at this card!
LOVE THIS CARD! It was fun to learn how to create the mountains in the background and the beautiful sky! Okay, Mr. Brayer, I PROMISE I'll pull you out more often and give you a fighting chance amongst all my crafting tools! If you ever have Michelle Zindorf in your neck of the woods, GO TAKE HER CLASS! You'll really enjoy it!


Linda said...

Those cards are stunning - just gorgeous. How can I find out where she is teaching?

Diane Burns said...

So maybe Carolyn or you will share at the next meeting?? Hint, hint.

penguinstamper said...

Hi Linda!

If you go to Michelle's blog, she has a class schedule posted. Just Google Michelle Zindorf and she'll come up! I don't know what her blog address is, but Google knows!