Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tag It Celebratory Card

Greetings!  I've been a busy gal lately!  My mom moved to Katy last Saturday and I've been spending the last several days with her, unpacking boxes, taking her to the doctor, decorating, and just helping her get settled in.  We have made great progress and her apartment is looking really nice!  I think she is going to love living here - she's already gotten into a group of women who meet every morning for breakfast.  Isn't that spiffy?  I am so happy for her and I'm hoping that before too long, she'll feel right at home here in Katy!

Remember the card I was supposed to make for my ear, nose and throat doctor for an event she's having to celebrate her medical studies?  She's going to need 40 of them.  Well, I think the card below is what I'm going to show her.  I purchased a beautiful stamp that had a vintage doctor's bag with a stethoscope next to it, but it ended up being WAY bigger than I thought it would be, which posed a problem.  One of my friends reminded me of the Stampin' Up! stamp set called "Tag It," which has a stethoscope in it.  I never would have remembered that - and it turned out to be just perfect for my purposes!  My doctor wanted something fun with either "Way to Go" or "Woo Hoo" on the card.  I eliminated the "Get Well Soon" greeting on the stamp and used "Hip Hip Hooray" from "Hip Notes" in its place.  I think this card is cute because of the playful nature of the stethoscope, but it's elegant because of the color, the herringbone embossing on the left side of the card, and the satin ribbon.  I'll see what she says.  I'm going to deliver it to her this afternoon - I'll let you know if she likes it or not.  I think it's adorable!


Susan Mac Donald said...

I agree w/'s adorable!

penguinstamper said...

Thank you, Susan! I still haven't heard whether she liked it or not. Uh-oh!