Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Call from Shelli Gardner!

Greetings, friends!  No pictures to post today, but I just had to share this news!  I received a call from Shelli Gardner today, the owner of Stampin' Up!  That's the first time in the 15 years that I was a demonstrator to receive a call from her!  I was quite shocked and excited - it took me by surprise!  She had learned of my retirement from Stampin' Up! and just wanted to thank me for everything I had done for Stampin' Up! and to express how much I would be missed.  We had the nicest conversation and it really gave me some closure as far as my Stampin' Up! experience.  She congratulated me on reaching my 15th year with Stampin' Up! and also for reaching my $600,000 milestone in personal sales.  I had also earned the incentive trip to Hawaii in 2015, which I had to forfeit by dropping out, but that's okay - my husband will take me there some day and we'll celebrate together!  Anyway, it was really nice to talk with Shelli.  I'll always love Stampin' Up! and I am so appreciative for all that Stampin' Up! has done for me.  I just can't say enough wonderful things about Stampin' Up!  I will miss you, Stampin' Up!, but life has called me in a different direction.  I'm not sure what that is, but I'll be patient and wait to find out.  If all I do from now on is take care of my mother and my family, that is BIG enough for me, and I will be fulfilled! 


The Serene Stamper said...

Penny - I can imagine how exciting it would have been to receive a call from Shelli. She is such a sincere, lovely person and it's obvious about her nature that she'd call you. You'll be missed in the Stampin' Up! world - I would have liked to had met you in person. Take precious care and all the best to you and your family.

Lesley said...

how great it must have been to be acknowledged by a great organisation for all that you have contributed over the past 15 years best wishes Lesley x

penguinstamper said...

Thank you both for such kind thoughts! Life is good!