Friday, June 27, 2014

A Great Birthday!

Hello, blogging friends!  Yesterday was a wonderful day!  I turned 57 and had a great time celebrating my birthday with my family.  Some friends took me out to lunch at the beginning of the week.  My kids delivered breakfast to me from Black Walnut Cafe, which was very nice!  For lunch, we ordered pizza and watched the U.S. vs. Germany soccer game together.  My daughter and I went shopping in the afternoon - and then the whole family went to BJ's for dinner.  Haley made a chocolate cake for me, which is my absolute favorite!  My dear husband gave me a very nice gift certificate to Papertrey (and so did my sister!), so I've been having fun selecting what I want!  It was a lovely day!  When you celebrate a birthday in my family, the kitchen table is always decorated to greet you first thing in the morning.

While my kids make wonderful hand-made cards for me, I also received some very nice hand-made cards in the mail, too!  Here are a few of them:
Isn't the card above adorable?  It was made by my sister!
The card above was made by my good friend Michele Smith!
The card above was made by Carolyn Gray!  Love the color combo!
The card above was made by Judith Walker, who knows I adore vanilla on vanilla!
This flip card was made by Mary Ellen Cope!  Isn't it cute?
The card above was made by my friend Marilu Rakintzis.  Love slider cards!
The adorable card above was made by Benedicte Richard!  LOVE IT!
The cute card above was made by Victoria Allen.  Doesn't the cake look shabby chic?  I think it's adorable!

Thanks for all the great cards!  It made my birthday feel really special!  And now I'm off to move furniture into my mom's new apartment at The Solana!  She'll be moving here tomorrow!  YAY!

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Lesley said...

what lovely birthday cards you had best wishes Lesley x