Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun Making Christmas Cards!

I just recently had my Christmas Card Workshop where we made 2,000 Christmas cards over a four-day period! It was so much fun and I enjoyed being with all of the wonderful people you'll see in these photos! They make what I do so much fun and I love every single one of them! They are special people and I always look forward to seeing them and stamping with them every month!
In the picture above is Ann Lyons, proudly showing off her beautiful Christmas cards! She did a fabulous job! Pascale Hoxha is next to her working feverishly on her cards!
The wonderful gal above is Gracie Myers! She is concentrating and trying to remember to remove the double-stick tape from her stamp before she stamps it on her card!
The happy lady above is Chrystyna Bryndzia! Chrystyna can make me laugh like no one else can! She loves the Christmas Lodge card - and she did such a great job on them!
This is Brooke Long working at the Big Shot! Brooke made 100 Christmas cards and she has been very busy finishing them over the last several days!
The happy gals above are Cindi Dimon, Jeannie Godschalk, and Julie Comardo. They made some beautiful cards at this table and they were having fun stamping!
This is Tammy Minney enjoying some of the goodies everyone always brings to share! We love to exchange recipes and it's always fun to see what everyone has brought to share!
This is Melissa Johnson and Chris Noble. They are working on the Christmas stocking card that has a lot of little pieces to put together. I'm glad they're still happy! Once they see the final results, they'll be REALLY happy!
This is Debbie Gaul, gluing those little stocking pieces together! It's tedious, but boy is it sure cute!
Here are my newbs: Sharon Haney, Kathleen Drungle, and Anne Bauman! They were absolute troopers, coming to my house for the first time to make mega Christmas cards! They sailed through it beautifully and I'm hoping they'll come back! They were loads of fun!
Here is Carol Young and Judith Buelow, paying very close attention to their Christmas cards! They both made beautiful cards and I enjoy these gals so much!
I think everyone had a great time! I know I did!
Here are two FABULOUS gals: Lori Pfeffer and Susie Schubert! I consider these gals to be my cheering section! They always manage to lift my spirits and encourage me on! I love that about them!
This is Gina Sones, one of the sweetest gals you'll ever meet. Gina is, well, just really, really special to me. I just love her and I appreciate her attending my events year after year after year!
This is Terri Bray and Corrine Drom! These two gals ALWAYS put a smile on my face! I love it when they attend my events! They brighten my spirits every single time they come!
Aren't these ladies gorgeous? This is Karen King and Martha Pope. They LOVE to stamp and they are the friendliest gals! Their enthusiasm for stamping is contagious and I love being around them! They make me happy!
This is Elaine Capers! If I am having a stamp camp when she is in town visiting her sister-in-law, she'll come! I'm happy that she was able to attend my Christmas Card Workshop. It's always a pleasure to have Elaine here! Wish you lived here, Elaine!
These happy gals are Sharon Brock, Debbie Taylor, and BJ Alvarez. They look really happy to me! The Big Shot can make you happy, you know - and so can making Christmas cards!
This is Christina Stewart! LOOK AT THAT SMILE! I think she really likes that card! You are adorable, Christina!
This is Carlyle Thompson and Cleo Thompson! These two ladies are, undoubtedly, two of my favorite people in the whole wide world! When I see Cleo and Carlyle, I just get happy - they have that effect on me! Looks like they are trying to get the hang of the notorious "fork bow."
Thanks to all of you gals for making my 2011 Christmas Card Workshop a huge success and so much fun! It wouldn't be the same without any one of you! Let's do it again next year!


Linda said...

My jaw fell to the floor when I read that you made 2000 cards!! You sure have a happy bunch of stampers! Do they get to choose which cards to make and how many?

I had to chuckle when I saw th "hair pick" you used to tie your bows! My club just learned that same technique with a potato masher. Now I know what to get them all for Christmas - haha!!

Thanks for sharing - I never miss a chance to visit your site.

Lesley said...

it looks like a fab 4 days and so productive - everyone looks as though they are having lots of fun best wishes Lesley x

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