Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stamping at Ooh La La!

Last Thursday I went up to Ooh La La and stamped cute cupcake birthday cards with people who were buying cupcakes that afternoon! The atmosphere at Ooh La La is so wonderful and with all the sweet treats available, it's just a super-fun place to hang out! Vanessa O'Donnell, the owner/pastry chef of Ooh La La was kind enough to let me share my love of stamping with Ooh La La's patrons! I had a GREAT time, thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, and came home with a KILLER cherry pie! I will be heading back there again during the upcoming holidays to stamp some Christmas goodies with everyone! Thanks, Vanessa, and the Ooh La La employees for your kindness, your hospitality, the delicious treats, and a fun afternoon!
I had FUN! Can't wait to go back again!


Linda said...

How wonderful to have a place willing to do that! I bet you met a lot of great people and maybe a new stamper or two!!

dorothy erdely said...

and haley went with you!!!! extra special!!!!!!!!

Lesley said...

looks like everyone had loads of fun - this dessert place looks like a place In would love best wishes Lesley x