Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simply Soft Card Sample

Here is another convention swap I received this summer! This card reminds me of, "Calgon, take me away." It's so feminine, soft, and lovely that it makes me want to drink chamomile tea and stare out the window, contemplating the meaning of life! And then reality hits and I'm back to figuring out what I'm going to cook for dinner and how I'm going to get eight loads of laundry done because everyone needs clean clothes! Sound like your life? This lovely card was made by Kirsteen Gill, a member of The TOPICS! I LOVE YOUR CARD, Kirsteen! Thank you for giving me one even though I didn't have one to give you - you're a sweetheart!

1 comment:

Benedicte said...

Wow! I bought this new embossing folder and haven't used it yet!
Looks really nice!