Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Leaving for Founder's Circle Trip!

Today is an exciting day! I am leaving for St. George, Utah, for the Stampin' Up! Founder's Circle Trip. I am flying to Salt Lake City and then I'll take a little puddle-jumper over to St. George where I'll meet with Stampin' Up!'s 100 Top Demonstrators of the Year and 35 Rising Stars, I believe. I'm not sure what all the achievements are. All the way through Saturday, we'll be treated like queens! It's such an honor (gulp!) to even be able to go, but I have my steadfast and loyal customers to thank for this trip, as well as my hard-working and dedicated downline who met promotions this past year! Wish I could carry every single one of you with me in my back pocket so we could enjoy this trip together. I'll do my best to post things on my blog throughout the next couple of days so you can see what we're doing. There's one night that we'll have a big pajama party swap. We line up from one side of the hotel to the other and swap cards. We had to make 136 cards - and I've been very busy working on that - and here are my swaps, all stacked up in two shoeboxes ready to go for that swap! I know I'll come home with wonderful samples for you to look at! Wish me safe travels, my friends!


Katherine said...

Have lots of fun, eat lots of candy and take tons of pictures!!

Diane Burns said...

Enjoy Penny you deserve it!

lawmayroy said...

you SOOOOOOOOO deserve your the BEST!!!! Have a GREAT time