Thursday, September 16, 2010

Founder's Circle Trip - Day 2!

This is all just so much fun! We boarded two busses early this morning and headed to Kanab, Utah, for the Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility. It's not every day that you get to step foot inside the plant and see how everything operates. Although I've been there twice now, I never tire of seeing it again. This is Pam Morgan from Stampin' Up! bringing a basket of goodies to use way in the back of the bus. All the candy, crackers, trail mix - or whatever you want - is yours during the trip! We always play games on the trip to Kanab and since the prizes are all Stampin' Up! merchandise, we really get excited. Here I am with my Texas buddy, Sharon Armstrong. We both had a Bingo and won some ribbon. I'll take that beautiful ribbon, thank you very much!
When we arrived at the manufacturing plant, many of the Stampin' Up! employees had gathered outside awaiting our arrival. As we got off the bus, they began to cheer and clap as they held welcome signs, giving us the warmest welcome you could ever imagine. It actually brought tears to my eyes. What was really cool, though, is that after we all made it inside and the Stampin' Up! employees began to file in, we clapped and cheered for them. It was quite a touching moment, each showing appreciation for the other. I will never forget that!
Here are two of my special buddies, Ruth Bingle and Dawn Olchefske. We couldn't resist posing together in front of this sign.
Once inside, we were allowed to meet with the head employees of the plant to ask whatever questions we had about production, distribution, and the inner workings of the plant. It is interesting to hear the statistics and to meet the employees. They are always so warm and friendly and are happy to spend time with us. We were then allowed to walk about the plant at our leisure to observe whatever we wanted. It was super-fun!As I've told you before, Shelli has an apartment above the plant so that when she is there on business, there is a place where she can comfortably stay with her family. It is gorgeous. Here is Shelli relaxing in her family room - and none of us can resist an opportunity to have our picture taken with her. After all, she's a rock star and we adore her!
This is a picture of the entrance to the plant. What always impresses me is how incredibly clean everything is. Not a thing is out of place and it is run like a top. Nestled in the mountains with natural beauty all around you, who wouldn't love working here? I wish I could!
After the plant visit, we went to a city park in Kanak, which was purchased and furnished by Shelli and her husband, Sterling. Not many people in Kanab realize it was purchased by the Gardner family, but we know, and we think it's pretty darn special! It is kept so clean and it's a beautiful park. Our lunches were served in a really cute black bag that is insulated on the inside, and when you pull the insides out, there's a drawstring at the top that converts it into a little tote. Really cute.
Even though it was a pretty hot day, sitting underneath the pavilion was quite pleasant. There was a nice breeze and we weren't uncomfortable at all. We enjoyed a very nice lunch and it's always fun to spend time at the park.
Any excess rubber from the manufacturing plant is cut up into small pieces and is used at the park playground as cushioning for the kids. If you look at it closely, you can see remnants of stamp sets. We always have fun trying to find pieces from some of our favorite sets!
This is the view from the playground. Pretty awesome, don't you think? And this encircles the entire park!
Once we made it back to the hotel, you could help yourself to whatever candy you want. Just fill your bag and enjoy. This is just one of the candy stations available - there are several - and each one has different candy to choose from. I'm in hog heaven because I'm the BIGGEST kid when it comes to candy!
Inside the Gathering Place are these adorable Real Red pillows, embellished with our buttons and our itsy-bitsy taffeta ribbons. WHAT A CUTE IDEA! They look adorable sitting on the black couches!
Several buddies and I ordered pizza tonight and hung around the hotel and TALKED! After the long day we've had, it felt good to relax at the hotel and chill out. I learned some great business things while visiting with them and I love having the opportunity to hear what other demonstrators do with their businesses - ALWAYS a fabulous exchange of information - and this is REALLY my favorite part! Of course I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed till I almost felt sick. These gals are incredibly funny and entertaining, too! When I returned to my room this evening, this little gift was on my bed - the cutest little ribbon cupcake. When you open it up, there's a beautiful Simply Adorned necklace in there - FOR ME! I just love pillow gifts!
Tomorrow we are off to the St. George Regional Seminar - and then tomorrow night, our pajama party swap! The fun never ends! I've gotta go to bed now, I'm pooped!


Katherine said...

What a neat day!! I love the image on the necklace. I need it!!! Paris is my dream vacation. Can't wait to see your pajamas!

penguinstamper said...

What are you doing up at 2:38 a.m.?

Katherine said... definitely was not by choice. We had just gotten home from the emergency room. Jess rolled her ankle at the football game and sprained it really bad. She might have a small fracture too. We'll see Monday.