Saturday, September 18, 2010

Founder's Circle - Day 3!

Okay, I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures today, but we were busy! We boarded a bus this morning and headed to the St. George Convention Center where the Founder's Circle achievers were treated to their own half-day regional seminar. There were guest presenters who did fabulous demonstrations for us and we got to stamp some wonderful samples that I'll share with you soon. There were also awesome display boards up with beautiful samples for us to see. The only picture I took at the regional seminar were of my tablemates. These gals, Dawn Olchefske, Mary Fish, and Kelly Acheson, were wonderful tablemates. Barb Mullikin and France Martin were tablemates, too, but I didn't get pictures of them. DRAT! I'm so bad about remembering to take pictures sometimes. This is a new friend that I've made during this Founder's Circle trip - France Martin. She is absolutely precious and I've enjoyed her company immensely on this trip. Her accent is so much fun to listen to and she has kept me in stitches this entire trip! That's what I love about Stampin' Up! - you make so many new friends. France is from Cheyenne, Wyoming. I wish she lived closer! Take a really close look at Dawn Rapsas's pajamas. She made them using our new designer fabric! I'm so jealous, but I got a "D" in Home Ec, so I'll leave the sewing projects to those more qualified in that department! My pajamas wouldn't look nearly that cute!
Here is a shot of everyone enjoying the evening in their pajamas! This is always a highlight of the Founder's Circle trip. The relaxed and fun-loving atmosphere make it such an enjoyable event - and everyone is anticipating "the card swap"!
Here are the hard-working and tirelessly dedicated Stampin' Up! employees who make this event a huge success! We love every single one of them. They all deserve raises, I think! They work night and day to make everything so nice for us and we appreciate everything they do for us!
Here is the swap line! It stretches from one end of the hotel to the other! The frenzy is unbelievable!
We had wonderful popcorn with REAL butter and all kinds of drinks you'd remember from your childhood! It was a perfect '60s theme!
After the swap, many of us gathered in the Gathering Place to look at our swaps and visit - my favorite thing to do. This is France Martin, Angie Juda, and Jane Wike.
The gals in the picture below are Dawn Olchefske, Kelly Acheson, and Barb Mullikin. These gals made this trip SUPER FUN for me! They were so gracious to let me pal around with them and I appreciate their kindness so much! They truly made a difference for me during this trip. What a super group of gals!
This is Judy Garza from Victoria, Texas. She is such a sweetheart! She did a wonderful presentation today at the regional seminar. We became friends because anytime we would travel to different Stampin' Up! events, we would always see each other at the airport! She is precious and I'm so glad we've become friends! I always look forward to seeing her. She is so bubbly and friendly!
Before I left home, my kids snuck this stuffed Dachshund into my suitcase so I wouldn't miss Otto, our family pet, as much! That was a pleasant surprise! So when my pillow gift was delivered to my room tonight, which is this pizza box, they placed Otto on the box! That was cute!
Here's the tag inside the box! Oh, my gosh, I guess we're going bowling tomorrow! My "team" are the gals I had dinner with the very first night! Oh, no! That means I'll be bowling with France Martin and Dawn Griffith - the gals I told you had me laughing so hard, I almost wet my pants! I know tomorrow will be a BLAST!
Here's my cute pink and black bowling shirt I'll be wearing tomorrow!
Wow, it looks HUGE!
Look at the little bowling pin on the sleeve. Oh, man, I'm TERRIBLE at bowling! I'll let you know how it goes!

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Mary Fish said...

Loved the pix . . .you were a fabulous tablemate, too! Hugs, M