Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

Every Christmas we have a gingerbread decorating contest. My daughter and her friend Heather usually win. This year, my son Hunter and his friend Julian did a very nice job, though, so we called it a tie! Just thought you might enjoy seeing their handiwork. The house above is Haley and Heather's. I love how they took Jolly Ranchers and crushed them to make the stained glass windows. Only problem is, I'm stepping on little shards of Jolly Ranchers (OUCH!) in my kitchen, and once they stick to the floor, they're on there like concrete!
This is the entrance to their house. I gasped when I realized they used two of my Andes Mints - the wonderful peppermint bark candies that are only available during the holidays - for their door. Those candies come at a high premium during the holidays and they're difficult to find, but I guess since our gingerbread decorating contest is only held once a year, I'll let it slide........this time.
The house above is Hunter and Julian's. I like how they used jumbo gumdrops and licorice strings to build a fence around the house. Notice how the walkway up to the door is totally decked out with candies? Not bad, if I may say so myself!
The jumbo gumdrops on top of the Jolly Ranchers are supposed to be trees in the front yard, but we laughed about how they look like mushrooms instead! Gotta have a sense of humor when you're part of this contest! All said and done, I think they both did a wonderful job and our gingerbread decorating contest for 2011 was a huge success..........and loads of fun!

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Susan said...

I have to agree about a tie; well done to both teams!