Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Domino Pin

Little things like this domino make me happy! It's only 1-1/2" long and 3/4" wide, and it has colorful Christmas ornaments stamped on it and the tiniest little "noel" greeting. I LOVE IT! I sanded the top of the domino to rough up the surface so ink would stick to it better. Then I stamped the ornaments in our Basic Black ink and let it dry. I then sprayed the lightest coat of acrylic sealant on top of it. If you spray it too thick, the black ink will run, so I just kind of lightly dusted it with the sealant. When that dried, I used our markers to delicately color in the ornaments. The colors didn't run because I had sprayed it with a sealant and the colors kind of grab on to that sealant. After the marker inks had all dried, I sprayed the lightest coat of acrylic sealant on it again to set the inks. Once the sealant was good and dry, I sprayed a much thicker coat of acrylic sealant on it to set all the inks in place for good! I hot-glued a pin-back on the back so I can proudly wear it through the holidays. Love how it turned out! This stamp is from a set that was offered by Stampin' Up! many, many years ago, but it's still a goodie! Noel, my friend, noel!

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Linda said...

Love it - so dang cute!