Monday, May 9, 2011

A Promotion Celebration!

I know you've seen this picture of Marilyn Devereaux-Ruffin before, but it's time to show it AGAIN! Ms. Devereaux-Ruffin has exceeded my wildest expectations! She has promoted to a Supervisor, meaning she has her first recruit! Marilyn, you are one of my favorite people to talk to because you are so motivated, positive, and determined. You are a shining star! After I hang up the phone from talking with you, I need to do 25 jumping jacks to release all that energy you've created! That is a gift! You are one exceptional person, my friend, and I know there will be many more recruits in your future! Congratulations on your promotion! SHINE, MARILYN, SHINE!

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-Susan- said...

Love this post...warm fuzzies all over!