Friday, April 1, 2011


This is a happy day - we're celebrating Patti Schubert's promotion to a Senior Associate! I don't have a picture of Patti - and she won't let me take one of her - but we're gonna celebrate her promotion anyway! If you met Patti, you would absolutely LOVE her and you would instantly fall in love with her! The thing that I like the most about Patti is that when I'm with her, I feel that I can be totally myself. I feel so comfortable with her and I know she makes everyone feel that way. I think that is a special gift! I know that Patti loves Stampin' Up! She is enthusiastic about Stampin' Up!'s products and she gets the cutest little grin on her face when you talk about cards and 3D projects with her! I wish you could see how precious she is - that little booger won't let me take her picture! I'll have to sneak one in on her at some point! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, PATTI! I'm so proud of your promotion! You just keep that cute little grin going and you just keep making those cute, cute cards!

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