Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marilyn's First Workshop!

This is Marilyn, one of my newest recruits! Marilyn Devereaux-Ruffin! The best way to describe Marilyn is that she's such a fresh breath of air to me! I absolutely love her! Marilyn held her first Stampin' Up! workshop last night and I was so touched that she wanted me to be there. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! I was so impressed with the professional manner in which Marilyn introduced and presented Stampin' Up! to her friends and family. She did an exceptional job in delivering the message of how fun stamping can be and how our products work and coordinate together. I was beaming with pride for her when she told the crowd - at her FIRST workshop - that she would like to tell them about the Stampin' Up! opportunity if they would like to join, too! Inside I was screaming, "YOU GO, GIRL!" Well, as you can tell, I am delighted to have Marilyn as part of The TOPICS! and I know she will go far in her Stampin' Up! endeavors. Her genuineness is adorable. Here are the guests at Marilyn's workshop! They all had a super time, placed orders, and she even got a couple of bookings! YOU ROCK, MARILYN!
Marilyn had lots of great card samples and 3D samples for her customers to see. They also got to make two cards and a Valentine's Day treat container. They had a blast and I could tell they are eager to do it again!
Another new recruit of mine, Rhonda Doucette, came by to offer her support and encouragement to Marilyn. These gals are the best and I am so happy they have joined my group. I smile just thinking of them. Their enthusiasm for stamping is invigorating and they've gotten me ALL FIRED UP!
Below is me, Marilyn, and her hostess Joyce Peters! Joyce gets to select free merchandise and hostess benefits, so I know she's excited! May I also mention that she makes incredible chili and jalapeno cornbread - and EVERYTHING else she served last night! What could be more fun than good food and STAMPING? Congratulations to you, Marilyn, on your Stampin' Up! journey. I am your biggest fan and cheerleader. I want you to rock 'n' roll with your Stampin' Up! business and to be highly successful - and with your atttitude, YOU WILL BE!

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