Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Calendar!

This past weekend we made 2011 calendar pages that fit into a clear, acrylic ZIP file case for display. The pages are small - 3-3/4 X 3-1/2 - but that's why I like them! They don't take up a lot of room on your desk, but they sure are fun to look at every day! Once I've stamped pages for all 12 months, I put the other 11 pages away and won't look at them until the 1st day of that month, and then it's like a fun surprise all over again! To dot the important dates in your life, use a brand spankin' new pencil eraser so it's perfectly round, ink it up on your ink pad, and then dot the date! We had so much fun making these! Three of the months have spinners at the top, like this little penguin. When you move the page from side to side, he spins around back and forth, so it looks like he's frolicking in the snow! LOVE IT! I got the calendars from and I got the clear acrylic cases from!
This cute little leprechaun's hat is made with punches!
The little bus windows have Crystal Effects on them!


Heather Klump said...

Penny - I posted a comment earler but its Gone?? This is such an awesome project, I love it, and am going to try it out for myself! All the pages are just adorable!

penguinstamper said...

Hi Heather! You are SO SWEET! I'm glad you like this calendar! I think it is sweet! You did leave a comment, but you left it on the card underneath the calendar project! That's okay - I saw it, my friend - and it warmed my heart!

judy said...

These are adorable - one is cuter than the next!

-Susan- said...

I saw your darling calendars on the SU website. Love everyone of them and want to make them myself! Thanks for the links you gave for the calendars and holders! Love your blog!! Will check back often Ü