Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stamping in the Car!

With the Founder's Circle trip to St. George, Utah coming up in September - and having to take 135 card swaps with me - I've had to get busy! Sitting in the car for hours to and from Kansas, it only made sense that I use that downtime to work on my swaps. Have you ever tried stamping in the car? IT WORKS! It makes the time fly, too, which is wonderful when you're facing an 8-hour day of driving.
Years ago, my husband was kind enough to cut a piece of wood just the right size to fit on my lap and to utilize the open space in the car around me so I could stamp on trips. He sanded down the sides so that they're nice and smooth and it makes a very comfortable work space, so that's what I did! I worked on my 135 card swaps and almost got them finished during our driving time. If you have a vacation coming up or you know you'll be spending lots of time in the car, get your paper cut, take a few ink pads and stamp sets with you, and you'll be able to churn out the cards! Thought you'd get a kick out of this - even when I'm travelling, I'm stamping!


Katherine said... crack me up! I love that you are stamping while sitting in the car!!

Dawn O (dostamping) said...

Look at you...Smart Girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that's using your time wisely!
judy in st louis