Monday, August 30, 2010

August Stamp Campers!

This past weekend, I had my August Camp Wannastamp! WE HAD A BLAST - and here are some of the gals who TOTALLY ROCK my stampin' world! I adore every single one of them - they are fun-loving, enthusiastic about stamping, and they support me in my efforts to have a thriving Stampin' Up! business, so I am forever grateful to them!
In the picture above is Terri Bray, Georgene Rosato, Sandra Costa, and Monique Weiss! They look HAPPY! I think it's because they've just made a fabulous card!
The two gals above mean so much to me! This is Anita Kittridge and Gina Sones! They are so funny - they would only let me take their picture from the neck up. These gals have been stamping with me for YEARS, so they are certainly favorites of mine! The two beautiful blondes above are Kim Johnson and Debbie King. Chrystyna Bryndzia is the beautiful brunette standing behind Debbie! Kim Johnson has been a friend of mine for as long as I can remember - LOVE HER TO PIECES - she's the one who makes the beautiful jewelry! Debbie King and Chrystyna Bryndzia are newer friends, but they have done so much for me in so many different ways that I could not be happy without them in my life!
The fabulous women above are, well, quite amazing! They are exceptional women who have enriched my life in so many different ways. I love it when they attend my camps and I'm looking forward to many more camping experiences with them! This is Rhonda Doucette, Debbie Johnson, and Chrystyna Bryndzia. Debbie Johnson has been stamping with me for at least 7 years, if not longer, and she keeps coming back! THANK YOU, DEBBIE, for your steadfast support! Rhonda, my goal with you is to MAKE SURE you like your of these days! Chrystyna, the way you change and manipulate the cards I've made is awe-inspiring. No one can change my cards quite like you! You can tickle me like no one else I've ever met! Keep it up - I love that about you!

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