Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Shot 3D Pop-Up Cake!

Last night I was looking for something fun to do and I thought I would give this new Big Shot die a try -AND I LOVE IT! There's definitely a learning curve, and you certainly can't be in a hurry to make it - you must take your time, think through each step, and have plenty of Sticky Strip! However, it is not difficult at all, and once you make one and you see how it works, then you want to make a whole bunch! I thought this turned out kind of cute and I can see the many wonderful possibilities that go along with it! It's so much fun to have so many neat toys to play with! By the way, that's my 16-year-old son's nasty, dirty nail in the picture, NOT MINE!


Anonymous said...

Loving the new background!!!


Jamie said...

Wowsers!!! Penny!!! I'm loving your blogs new look!!!! And this pop-up card is too cute for words!:):)