Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Small Business-Card Birthday Card

Hello!  I've been doing a little more stamping, so I thought I would share another one of my "business-card-sized" cards with you.  This is the latest - an adorable birthday cake card for a friend who has a birthday tomorrow.  Isn't it cute?  The cake is coated with Crystal Effects (which I was horrified to learn that Stampin' Up! no longer carries.  WHAT?  That was an amazing product and I don't get that logic at all!)  I'm in love with these little cards, so I'm sure you'll be seeing more.  I like them because they're different - not what someone would be expecting - so I think that makes them fun!  I love the two rows of embossed buttons at the bottom, along with the frilly flower and a pearl.  Have a good day and we'll talk soon!


Donna said...

This is so very pretty! So soft and delicate.

Good news, I heard someone recently say that the new Fine Tip Glue Pen works the same as the Crystal Effects!

Ink Bug said...

Hi Penny. I've been missing my stamping stuff since we moved to the Middle East. A friend here said she had card making supplies and I was so excited to get to borrow them! I opened the box with thoughts of embellishments, ribbon, crystal effects, stamps and ink!! Imagine my surprise when the box only contained paper and stickers. �� I'm bringing all my supplies back when we visit in November.
Love your new found obsession!! You're as talented with jewelry as you are with cards.

penguinstamper said...

Hi, Ink Bug! I'm supposing this is Robin????? Boy, I miss having you one street over where we could get together and share what we've been making. The Middle East???? Quite a departure from Bakersfield, California. So nice to hear from you. Those were the good old days, weren't they?