Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Top Picks Day

Twice a year I hold a VERY special event to celebrate and recognize the achievements and promotions reached in my downline.  It is definitely my favorite event to plan and hands-down my favorite event to do!  My July Top Picks Day was held at The Solana at Cinco Ranch, where I treated my gals (and guy) to omelets, stamping for the day, prize bundles, and then hot fudge sundaes in the afternoon.  It was a total blast for me - I hope it was for them, too!  It was a great celebration and I hope they all felt special.  Here are some pictures of that fun day!

Above is the room we stamped in BEFORE everyone arrived!

 Here we are in the cafe enjoying an omelet bar with biscuits, breakfast potatoes, and fruit.  It was very nice and the chefs made some really good omelets!  Later in the afternoon, we came back into the cafe for hot fudge sundaes!

 Here's the gang at work!

 Sharon Philips taking a break and enjoying a beverage.

 Here's our snack table, complete with cookies, animal crackers, goldfish, pretzels, peppermint patties, M&Ms, peanuts, ginger snaps, chocolate kisses, and RUBBER STAMPS!

 Here are the 15 prize bundles I had available.  Each attendee earned tickets based on their performance over the past six months.  They could place their tickets in the prize bundle boxes of their choice, of course hoping to win a bundle of their favorite merchandise!

I had to decorate these boxes with our new bow die!  They remind me of little tuxedos.  LOVE THAT DIE! 

 This is Briana Hess, working on her composition notebook!

 This is Trudy Scott, an Honorary Member of The TOPICS!, working on a six-sided sampler card!

 Here's Benedicte Richard, strategizing where to place her tickets! Oh, the choices!

 Here's Leslie Carmon, Cleo Thompson, and Carlyle Thompson, working on a cute little red notecard box!

 Here's Kirsteen Gill and Danielle Adams, working on their composition notebooks!

 Here's Maridawn Alford, Debbie Riches, and Briana Hess, working on their composition notebooks!

 How many demonstrators does it take to figure out the new bow die?  Apparently three!  At the table is Tracy Fraser, Lynne Kennelly, and Willie Hayes.

Here is Amy Frank picking up the prize bundle she won!  She is one excited gal!  Peeking into her bag is Maridawn Alford, her upline!

Before everyone leaves, I give them a hand-stamped card letting them know how much I appreciate and love every single one of them and how proud I am of their accomplishments!

At the end of the day, I love to give everyone a going-away gift!  This is the Tag A Bag Gift Bundle!  Thanks to The TOPICS! for all they do!  I have an incredible downline - my second family, really - who rock my stampin' world!  LOVE YOU ALL!


Benedicte said...

It was such a fun day! Thanks!

Dawn said...

It was lovely meeting up with your group at convention.
We have had a blast on the incentive trip.