Thursday, July 25, 2013

Convention 2013

WOO HOO!  Well, as you know, I just returned from the Stampin' Up! convention where we celebrated Stampin' Up!'s 25th anniversary!  It was quite a celebration - I've never seen quite that many people in one place - but had a total blast!  Here are some pictures from that trip!  I can't believe that after five days, these are the only photos I took.  I am the world's worst at taking pictures!  What really kills me is that before the convention, I rented a minivan and we went to Dear Lizzie's in Highland, Utah, to shop at Shelli Gardner's favorite store and I arranged to have a private tea party for us.  Do you think I have any pictures of that?  NO!  Someone hit me, please.

 Here is Benedicte Richard just after she won something from Prize Patrol!

 This is Kirsteen Gill, Lizette Lobpries, and Elizabeth Hurst, going across the stage to celebrate their 5-year anniversary with Stampin' Up!

 Here's my sister, Pam D'Urso, celebrating her "win" from Prize Patrol.

 On the last night of the convention, I treated everyone to ice cream at JB's Diner - they have the best hamburgers in the world!  Above is Marilyn Devereaux-Ruffin, Aida Pita, Candice Marcella, and Benedicte Richard.

 Above is Kirsteen Gill, Leslie Carmon, Sue Bendinsky, Lizette Lobpries, Norma Harris, and Debbie Riches.

 Above is Donna Gustafson, Elizabeth Hurst, and Rosie Brock.

 Above is Matt and Linda Bradshaw.

 Yes, I did earn Founder's Circle again, thanks to my amazing customers and my unbelievable downline!

Where is Waldo?  She has the gray hair!  Love the convention - wouldn't miss it for anything!

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Benedicte said...

Congratulations on making Founder's Circle, Penny! I'm not surprised!
Thanks for sharing your great photos :-)