Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stampin' Up! Convention 2012

Every July we converge on Salt Lake City, Utah, for the Stampin' Up! Annual Convention!  This year The TOPICS! had 13 members who attended - AND WE HAD A BLAST!  Below is a picture of some of us enjoying a meal together at Changs.  Starting from the left is Matt Bradshaw, Linda Bradshaw, Margaret Digby, Debbie Riches, Leslie Carmon, Pam D'Urso, me, Kirsteen Gill, and Tammy Davis.  I am so lucky to have an AMAZING downline - and they are good friends, too!

Below is a picture of Matt and Linda Bradshaw just returning from a tour of the Riverton Campus, the home offices of Stampin' Up!

Aren't these great-looking gals below?  I heard they had a wonderful time touring the Riverton Campus!  I'm sure the bus ride there and back was an absolute HOOT!  Starting way in the back is Amy Cato, Candice Marcella, Margaret Digby, Leslie Carmon, Kirsteen Gill, and Debbie Riches.  They must have all decided to wear red that day!

Below is Margaret Digby, checking in and getting her supplies for the week!  That great-looking bag was filled with stamping goodies and things we'd need for our week at the convention.  It was a perfect place to store all of our "stuff" in!  Margaret looks happy!

Below is Amy Cato, Candice Marcella, Debbie Riches, and Kirsteen Gill checking in to get their bags.

Below is Leslie Carmon and Pam D'Urso checking in for the convention!  Pam is my sister, can you tell?

Below is Lizette Lobpries, checking in to get her special convention bag, too!

Ahhh, my favorite people!  Below, starting from the left, is Kirsteen Gill, Leslie Carmon, Margaret Digby, Candice Marcella, Amy Cato, Matt Bradshaw, Linda Bradshaw, and me!  I think we were waiting in line to get into Memento Mall, our favorite place to shop during the convention!

Below is Sally Nusbaum and my sister, Pam D'Urso.  I believe they got a special pin for their recruiting efforts last year!  WAY TO GO!

Below is Kirsteen, proudly showing off her special recruiting pin!  WE'RE PROUD OF YOU, KIRSTEEN!

Here I am below so excited to learn that I earned Founder's Circle again!  I'll get to take a special trip to St. George, Utah, next month!  I LOVE THAT TRIP!  Couldn't have done it on my own - my fabulous customers and my amazing downline helped me earn that trip!  THANK YOU, EVERYBODY!

Here we are below in one of the general sessions of the convention!  There were so many of us, we took up two rows!  It was so much fun.  I can't wait for next year's convention - Stampin' Up!'s 25th anniversary convention!

Matt and Linda Bradshaw drew quite a bit of attention with their fabulous dancing!  I didn't know they were ballroom dancers!  They looked great swirling and twirling to the music!  It was so much fun to watch them - and everyone else enjoyed watching, too!

Below is my sister, Pam D'Urso, and Kirsteen Gill walking across the stage to be recognized for their leadership skills!  They had two or three promotions to Supervisor in their first-level downline!  WOO HOO!  YOU GALS ROCK!

Here is Margaret Digby, who just won a prize from Prize Patrol!  Oh, my gosh, look at that face!  Margaret is glowing and couldn't be happier!  I'm so glad she won a prize!

Below is Candice Marcella, walking across the stage as a new recruit!  Candice is a go-getter and is motivated, driven, and on fire!  I know we will see Candice on stage again and again!  MORE POWER TO YA', CANDICE!  The world is yours, my friend - GO GET IT!

Below is another shot of our group waiting for the General Session to start!  I'm already getting excited about next year's convention!  There's an energy unlike anything else when thousands of demonstrators are together!

Below is Debbie Riches, who just won a prize from Prize Patrol!  She looks extremely happy, doesn't she?  Prize Patrol has a way of doing that for you!

Here we all are jumping, cheering, and screaming!  Stampin' Up! gave EVERYBODY a free stamp set, the cute Ronald-McDonald set!  Free stamps always gets everybody celebrating! 

Below is Lizette Lobpries and Tammy Davis, deliriously happy!  They are on a "free stamp set" high!  I think they are glowing!

Here's the whole group after the convention was over!  We posed in front of the "I am" stage!  The convention theme was all about doing Stampin' Up! your way!

On the last night of the convention, I treated my group to dinner at Bucca di Beppo.  We got to sit in the Pope's Room - and here he is!  We had a wonderful evening together!  The food was delicious and the company was divine.  It was a great way to end the convention.

Thanks to all of my downline who attended the convention!  You made this year's trip extra-special.  I'm crazy about each one of you and I'm so appreciative of all you do!


Merry Laskowski said...

Wow! Loved reading about your Convention antics. Miss seeing you and your wonderful team. I did not go this year, but, next year, here I come!


Lori Pfeffer said...

Congratulations for making Founder's Circle, AGAIN!!!! You deserve it!!!! We are lucky to have you in our area as our demonstrator extraordinaire! Love ya! Can't wait to see you at stamp camp;) Lori P