Saturday, September 17, 2011

Founder's Circle Trip - 2011 - September 16th

Yesterday was a REALLY fun day! It's a highlight of the trip to travel to Kanab, Utah, to see where our rubber stamps are made and how the whole process works. We get on a bus and take the trip over - but the trip over is always so much fun. This is Jennifer Kruse, an employee of Morris Meetings & Incentives, carrying a basket of "snackage," as she calls it. That basket is to die for! It's filled with all kinds of candy, crackers, trail mix, cookies - whatever you want! You can eat all you want - and I did! On the trip over, we play Bingo and win Stampin' Up! merchandise - and it makes the trip go really fast. Shelli Gardner also uses the opportunity to ask us questions about how the company is doing and what we'd like to see change, what we're happy with, what's going well, and yada, yada, yada. We also get the opportunity to ask her questions. It's a fabulous exchange of information and something I always look forward to.
As we turned the corner getting closer to the facility, a Stampin' Up! employee was there waving a sign welcoming us! It was so sweet and a very special touch! This gentleman's name is Cherokee.
As we entered the parking lot, you could see a long line of employees waiting to greet us. Trust me, this makes you well up inside with emotion and pride to be a member of the Stampin' Up! family!
Isn't this sweet? How kind they were to us!
These are the greatest group of people! They were so happy to see us and it made us feel so welcomed.
As we walked down the sidewalk, they would "high-five" us. That cute little gal is Diana Gibbs!
More "high-fives."
Once inside, we get to tour the facility, which is amazing. Unfortunately, once we get to a certain area, we are not allowed to take photos, of course!
One of the highlights of the trip is to visit the beautiful home upstairs that belongs to Shelli Gardner. While she is visiting the facility, she has a nice place to stay on-site and it is decorated "So Shelli"! This is Shelli Gardner and me - I love having a photo op with her!
When you stand on one of the balconies from her home, you can see the beautiful mountains all around. What a great place to work!
After the tour, we always have the opportunity to visit with some of the employees to ask questions about how the facility runs. This is Josh, who answers questions for us, or he hands the microphone to the appropriate person.
Josh shared with us an award they won for Bocce Ball. This was new to me - I had never heard of it before. The award is made with all Stampin' Up! materials!
Me at the Stampin' Up! rock!
After the tour, we always meet at the park and have a nice picnic lunch. Our lunches came in a cute little basket!
Jennifer Kruse handing me my lunch.
Creme Brulee!
Yesterday evening we traveled through St. George to get to Tuacahn Outdoor Amphitheater. The rock formations always astound me!
We were treated to a live performance of The Little Mermaid. I have never been to Tuacahn before - heard about how wonderful it is - and I had a delightful evening. As you sit in the theater, you are surrounded by the red rock canyons. I really enjoyed myself last night.
A picture of the Tuacahn stage before it got dark.
A shot of some of the Founder's Circle group taking up a good portion of the audience.
Here's my pillow gift last night! A beautiful apron made from our Beau Chateau fabric. It is super cute!


Mary Colemon said...

It looks like you're having a wonderful time, Penny! I'm so glad you got to go!


Elizabeth *^..^* said...

How wonderful!! Thanks for the updates! Love seeing all the fun things they planned for you! You deserve it!