Friday, September 16, 2011

Founder's Circle Swap and Business Share - 2011

When we showed up for our business share last night, we each got a nice little journal, made from My Digital Studio, to record any notes in that we'd like to take. I love the teacups on my journal! We had quite a few cakes to choose from for our snacking pleasure! This is just one table of cakes - there were several tables of cakes to choose from!
This is me and Dawn Olchefske in our PJs just waiting for the meeting to start!
This is Lisa Freeman, posing with the cakes! Don't they look delicious? I finally decided on German Chocolate......and it was GOOD!
One thing that Stampin' Up! always does that I really enjoy is the flavored water. Those are strawberries floating in the water and it gives it such a nice, light fruity flavor. Very refreshing!
The demonstrators are all starting to gather for our business share.
This is Janet Wakeland sharing a business tip with us!
This is Shelli Gardner. She is letting us know how much she appreciates each one of us - and we appreciate her!
Shelli's 50th birthday is in October, so Janet Wakeland organized a surprise for Shelli! Everyone made a birthday card for her. Janet also made a My Digital Studio book that is called "50 Reasons Why We Love Shelli." It was fun to enter our reasons in the book and Shelli was very moved by the cards and the book!
After the business share, we all lined up to engage in our card swap. Here are some of the gals lining up for the big event! This is something we all look forward to with great anticipation. It is so much fun to receive 125 card swaps!
I am NOT even going to ask my friend Judy Garza what she is doing in this picture! Actually, her PJs are a crossword puzzle! People were looking for places where they could enter their names with a Sharpie! We had fun with this one!
My pillow gift tonight is a HUGE popcorn bowl with candy bars, Fiji water, and a program pamphlet for The Little Mermaid! There is also a cute card inside this popcorn box that announces that we are being treated to the Tuacahn Outdoor Amphitheater tomorrow night! I have never been there, but I've heard it's phenomenal, so I am looking forward to a new adventure! I've had an incredibly fun day today.....and tomorrow, even more fun to come! I'll keep you posted!

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