Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Lunchbag Scrapbook!

I've been making SO MANY Christmas items lately in anticipation of the Santa's Workshop I'll be offering in December! Here's an item I love! While it's not one of the items I'll be featuring at my Santa's Workshop, I still wanted to share it because I think it's so darn cute! It's just a standard lunchbag - and all lunchbags vary in size, so I can't really give you the recipe! You'll just have to grab a bag and measure it to determine the size of your little inserts that fit into the openings! Once I folded the bag in half, I cut a tad off the closed side (the bottom of the bag) to create an opening. Then I placed two inserts in each opening, allowing lots of space for Christmas photos or keepsakes! Isn't it just the cutest thing you've ever seen? And it's so easy to make! Many of you will remember years ago the bigger lunchbag scrapbook I made that I keep under lock and key so it won't get damaged! I'll place that scrapbook on my blog soon 'cause it's a goody! GO MAKE MERRY!

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Robin Merriman said...

Penny, this is as adorable as you are! Love these paper bag albums and am so glad to see them making a comeback! Yours is super cute and I'll be casing this idea for sure!
Thanks for sharing it with us!