Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some Halloween Extras!

Isn't this Frankenstein just the cutest thing you've ever seen! I received this card from my stampin' buddy, Danielle Adams, and I ran home and immediately put him on my mantel! It's a 3 X 3 card - and I think Danielle used the 1" circle punch and the 3/4" circle punch for his eyes, and the 3/4" circle punch for his nose. His hair is our Scallop Edge Punch! CUTE, DANIELLE!
I've also taken a picture of my Halloween tree, just for fun! Halloween is going to be over way too fast for my liking!
I also attempted to make some of the witch's hats you've been seeing all over, and I must admit there's a bit of a learning curve that goes along with it! My hats didn't turn out spectacularly well, but I had fun making them! You start with a 3-1/2" circle, cut it directly in half, line the outer curved edges with Sticky Strip (and also halfway up one of the straight sides), and then you roll the curved edge along the bottom of a mini peanut butter cup about 1/4" up from the bottom of the cup. It creates a cone! I didn't like having part of the cup showing, so I wrapped ribbon around mine and secured it with Sticky Strip. Then I used our Scallop Punch for the bottom of the hat! I wish I had put stars and glitter all over my hats - oh, well, maybe next year!!!! I'm done with Halloween and on to my Christmas planning!

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