Saturday, September 19, 2009

Founder's Circle Trip - Day 3!

Upon returning to my room this evening, I found these adorable garden shoes on my bed, patterned after the Cottage Wall Designer Series Papers! What an absolutely wonderful day - I've had a total blast! Thank you, Stampin' Up!, for making me feel so special!
After the business swap, you can hang out in the Gathering Place and visit with your Stampin' Up! buddies - one of my favorite things to do - they speak my language!
Fun cocktails to enjoy at the pajama party!
A close-up of the butterfly cupcakes! Aren't they cute?
After swapping cards, we had our business swap, but not until we each got to enjoy eating a butterfly cupcake and sipping on a fabulous cocktail! The whole "Bloom & Grow" theme has followed throughout our entire stay!
Here we are lining up in our pajamas for the notorious "pajama party/card swap/business swap"! We line up the entire length of the hotel and swap cards! I got some gorgeous swaps this year that I'll be so happy to share with you when I return home!
When we returned to the hotel, I saw Jill Olsen's car sporting one of our rub-ons on her back window! Doesn't it look great? Somehow, I don't think it would look the same on my big old Ford Expedition!
The Kanab park playground is cushioned with leftover rubber scraps that are shredded and shipped to parks all across the United States! Here is Debbie Moczek, Debbie Naylor, Missy Shipman and me enjoying the playground!
I'm going to be a name-dropper! Here I am posing with Mary Fish! I told her my friends would be impressed if I had my picture taken with her! She was very accommodating - and as cute as a button, too!
This is me and my buddies Debbie Moczek and Beckie Kareck posing with a beautiful backdrop!
Here's a shot of the whole group enjoying our lunch together! That's Ann Clemmer and Jill Olsen up front!
My creme brulee dessert!
Me and my lunch bucket!
After our tour, we boarded the bus again and headed to a beautiful park in Kanab, where we were treated to these cute little Certainly Celery and Whisper White buckets that contained our lunches, along with a little square cloth napkin. At the very bottom of the buckets were shredded Cottage Wall Designer Series Papers. It was so pretty, you almost didn't want to eat your lunch and mess up the gorgeous presentation!
Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photographs in the actual plant, but I must tell you that it is spic-and-span clean and runs like a top! The employees take a lot of pride in their work - and they LOVE Shelli and feel quite a loyalty to her! This is our tour group posing in the lobby with our tour guide! It was a fun tour! I could have stayed for hours.
Here I am posing with Shelli in her apartment! I feel like a lucky girl! Isn't she just precious?
This is Shelli's living room in her apartment! As you look through the windows, you see the beautiful mountains of Utah in the distance! I could be happy living here, and I was so pleased that we were able to visit her apartment.
Shelli has an apartment on the second floor of the manufacturing plant where she stays during her visits to Kanab. This is her kitchen table and kitchen. Everywhere you look, you can see her special touch with flowers, Decor Elements, and her stencilling on the walls! It's such a fun place to visit and it feels very warm and cozy!
In the main entryway, there is a beautiful fireplace that has the Stampin' Up! logo on it, which you can't see in this picture! My friend Beckie Kareck and I posed together!
Here I am with Josh Adams from the Human Resources Department at the plant! I begged him for a job with Stampin' Up!, but it didn't work! Drat!
As you walk into the doors of the Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility, there's a plaque you can see that Stampin' Up! has posted for their employees!
All along the way was the most beautiful scenery to enjoy! Utah is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful states I've ever seen!
Here we are in the bus on the way to Kanab doing our "jazz hands" for the camera! Can you see me in the upper right corner?
A snack basket was passed around during the trip that was filled to the brim with snacks and goodies! I loaded up with Heath bars, crackers, licorice, trail mix, and cookies - just enough to get you good and sick!
Oh, boy, what an incredible day I've had today! We boarded a bus at 8:00 a.m. and drove to Kanab, where the Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility is. Along the way, we played games in the bus and won Stampin' Up! merchandise. I came home with our fabulous HO HO HO chipboard and our red polka dot ribbon!

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