Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Spooled Rotten!

Hello, friends!  Well, I'm at it again - making spool necklaces this time.  They are absolutely lovely and I just can't get enough of them!  This one is one of my favorites - it has a nice vintage feel to it - and it seems to look good with no matter what I'm wearing.  I have made about six other types of spool necklaces that I'll share with you soon.  I hope you're all doing okay.  I've been busy like a little bee making my Scissor Babies, which has become quite a popular item!  I'm glad to see it.  They are so cute and fun to make - and they make wonderful Christmas presents for your crafting and scrapbooking friends!  All is well on the homefront - just busy, busy, busy making jewelry. 

Our Second Annual Crafting Getaway Weekend is coming up soon and I'm hoping to get my Christmas cards made.  I'll share them with you when they're finished.  I'm really looking forward to that three-and-a-half-day weekend with my crafting buddies.  It's nice to catch up with all of them and just enjoy the time - uninterrupted - crafting!  Have a good day - and onward through the fog!!!  My Etsy Shop will give you the details - www.madebyjimmisdaughter.etsy.com - about my spool necklaces and my Scissor Babies!

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N FL Lou said...

Just found your site and I've been having great fun! What first caught my eye was a tag that I found on Pinterest and reposted. Got here and found what looks like framed inches and I was over the moon. They're probably a little bigger than an inch but close enough, they're going on my inchie board anyway. Then I got to the spools and I'm completely hooked. I have some little spools that were going to hold narrow ribbon. No more, I see more necklaces in my future with yours as inspiration. I'll sign up to have your posts sent by email. Don't slack off and quit posting now!