Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Told You There'd be More Bunnies!

I've gone bunny crazy this Easter!  Here are more bunny pictures that I made.  I hosted a coffee for some of my girlfriends and I made one for each of them.  We had so much fun and I plan to do it more often.  It is wonderful to have the time to get together with friends.  I had a lovely time that day!

I've tried so many variations of this bunny that it's gotten ridiculous, but I was hooked and I had fun making them!  I invited a bunch of my friends over for coffee.  Here are some of the things we enjoyed that day.

This little basket actually looked like a basket of carrots.  I saw this cute idea on Pinterest, but I wanted to add a tag to mine.  

I love Easter decorations.  The colors are so pretty and I love having my house decorated in pastel colors.  I found the cutest little bird's nest with blue eggs.  They looked perfect placed inside this bird cage.  Adding moss to the bottom made it look so real.

 We had quite a spread.  These are Cinnamon Cream Cheese Rollups.

Cucumber water has become one of my new favorite things.  It's so easy to make and tastes light and refreshing.  I'm eager to try some different variations I've seen. 

This is a Chex Mix spring mix.  It is incredibly addicting and I love the salty-sweet combo!

I tried my hand at making some brownie bite bird nests.  I'm not sure they looked like a bird's nest, but they tasted good!

This is a breakfast casserole that contains croutons, sausage, milk, cheese, Cream of Mushroom soup, onion, and seasonings.  It was good and I'll definitely repeat it!  Thanks to my sister-in-law for this great recipe!

Thanks to all of you who attended.  It was lovely to see you and I enjoyed having great conversations with you!  LET'S DO IT AGAIN!

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