Monday, December 22, 2014

Our Christmas Decorations

I really like how our Christmas decorating turned out this year.  I've saved some pictures so I'll remember next year how I want to do it!  The house feels so Christmasy and I'm content to be home watching a good movie, sipping hot cocoa, and enjoying our Christmas lights.  Life is good!

I love my Christmas pyramids.  I think I'm now a collector!  Two of them were given to us as wedding gifts from my brother-in-law and his wife while they lived in Germany.  I got another one when I went to the Nutcracker Market one year.  The other one, funny enough, I found at a Home Goods store. I discovered that there's a German shop in Old Towne Spring that sells pyramids, so I might have to start adding to my collection.  I really like them.

I also love my Big Shot!  HO HO HO was made with a big alphabet die from Stampin' Up!.  I always decorate the little tree next to the fireplace.  It reminds me of a Charlie Brown tree.

I have really enjoyed having a Christmas tree right next to our kitchen.  It makes mealtimes festive.  I love to decorate with red and white for Christmas. 

Here's our big Christmas tree.  My husband does an expert job at putting 1000 lights on the tree.  Then me and the kids decorate it......over time because it's a BIG tree.

This year I added some Christmas cheer on top of our TV hutch.  I love the extra touch.  We also have another small tree upstairs in our game room that is decorated with silver and white.  It has a snowflake or winter theme to it.  We put garland around our big entertainment system upstairs, too.  Watching movies feels warm and cozy with the tree and the lights from the garland.  We're having fun down here in Katy, Texas, even though it reached 72 degrees today.  It's Christmas, y'all!

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