Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stampin' Up! Halloween Samplers

My stampin' buddies met this past Friday and Saturday to make Stampin' Up! Halloween samplers and we were absolutely thrilled with how nice they all turned out!  It didn't matter which background paper from the Howlstooth & Scaringbone Designer Series Paper we chose, they all looked wonderful behind nine spooky squares embellished for Halloween!  The samplers have become such a popular project with my customers, that Christmas samplers are now in the works and will be offered very soon!

Above is the sampler that I made.  I'm in love with it!  Four of the above squares were designed by members of The TOPICS! and the other five were my design.  Decorating and embellishing a little 1-3/8" square piece is challenging, but FUN!  Give it a try!

A close-up of the squares.

Here's another sampler above that I made using the Chevron background from the Howlstooth & Scaringbone Designer Series Paper. 

The sampler above was made by Alice Melchor.  I'm sharing the samplers that used different background pieces so you can pick your favorite.  It's difficult - they're all cute!

The sampler above was made by Kim Noska.  This background paper felt so warm and brought out all of the sampler colors so nicely! 

The sampler above was made by Margaret Digby.  I think the diagonal stripes look GREAT!

The sampler above was made by Geneen Lannom.  Can't go wrong with that Chevron background!

Oh, boy, look at this one!  The sampler above was made by Tiffany Doucette.  This looks so Halloweeny!  It's one of my favorite background pieces!

I'm in trouble with this one because I can't remember who made the sampler above, but the diagonal grid makes another great background and pulls out all of the colors so nicely!

I can't remember who made the above sampler, but I'm loving the background on this one, too!

The sampler above was made by Cindi Dimon.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted this background piece for mine, too! 

The sampler above was made by Jeannie Godschalk.  You can NEVER go wrong with polka dots.  I think this is just adorable!
We had so much fun making our samplers!  Wish all of you could have been there!



Nancy W. said...

These are awesome! What size are your frames?

Bonnie said...

You do the best Halloween papercrafts!

The TOPICS! said...

The inside opening of the frames were 8 X 8.

Anonymous said...

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Donna Ellis said...

thank you for sharing all your marvelous samplers - so glad I was able to find the rest of them so I could try it myself! Happy New Year!