Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Look what my sweet family did for Mother's Day! I've been begging for a new coffee maker for months and months, so they gave me a wonderful new Cuisinart coffee maker - the cool kind that grinds the beans right before you drink a rich, full cup of coffee! The kids gave me a sweet "mother's love" necklace from James Avery and a BIG, dense chocolate cake! To top it all off, I got a nice amount of cash (my favorite thing to get) to spend on whatever I want! I can see some new stamp sets in my immediate future! I feel extremely fortunate to have such a loving family. They accept me just the way I am (and that's kinda hard to do!) - so this is where I love to be and this is where I belong! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU!


Mary said...

So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Penny! Hope to see you soon.

Katherine said...

WOW! They decorated the table too! That is so nice and so cool!! I am glad you had a nice Mother's Day! We did too! We spent the day at my parents. It was nice.

Ink Bug said...

Ooooo. I am so jealous and is that chocolate cake mail friendly? *drooling* I am glad that you have such a wonderful family that does such wonderful things for you.