Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Ornament Wall Rub-ons!

Gosh, I'm getting to where I REALLY LIKE our wall rub-ons! Problem is, I don't have enough wall space, so now I'm changing out my cookbook hutch seasonally! I put up these red Vintage Ornament rub-0ns and I'm enjoying them in my kitchen! It just makes everything feel so Christmas-y! I probably should have used white rub-ons, but I'll order some white ones before this catalog expires and put them up next Christmas! They're so pretty, I hate to take them down! That's the problem -you get attached to them being there! It's such an inexpensive way to decorate, though - the rub-ons were just $16.95, and I've had them up for weeks! I noticed we don't have any snowflakes or Valentine's Day Rub-ons, so what am I going to put on my hutch for January? I'll come up with somethin'! Maybe I could make my own snowflakes with the Big Shot and our rub-on sheets! Hmmm.....interesting! I'll show you whatever I come up with! Wish we had a big snowman die!

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