Monday, September 15, 2008

Film Canister Halloween Necklaces

Well, isn't this fun? It's an empty film canister, for Pete's sake! The Whisper White card stock is approximately 3-1/2 X 2 and has been stamped for Halloween! I applied the card stock to the film canister with Sticky Strip. Then poke a hole in the lid with an ice pick (don't let the little ones do this step) and then thread plastic lanyard Craft Lace (Wal-Mart) through the hole and tie a knot underneath the lid. I placed three colorful plastic beads on the lanyard in Halloween colors! This makes such a fun project for the kiddos. And, yes, I would actually put Halloween candy inside - a couple of pieces of bubble gum works perfectly or a small packet of candy corn is cute, too! It's just for fun, folks, it's just for fun. We made these at a Halloween camp several years ago and everyone loved it! All supplies used and shown are from Stampin' Up!, except the film canisters, the plastic lanyard Craft Lace, and the plastic beads. If you visit the film department of your local Walgreens, they have tons of these film canisters and they will be very happy to give them to you!

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